Musical Dice -- Links To Other Craps Websites

Pro Craps

John, the narrator of Pro Craps, has a brilliant mind for the game of craps! He will make you look at the game of craps in ways nobody else has looked at this game before! He has some great strategies, and his analyses of the strategies are awesome! Check it out!

Casino Quest

A prolific and very entertaining set of YouTubers, who give craps insights you won't find anywhere else!

Howard Rock 'N' Roller

Howard is an expert dice shooter. He's been teaching courses on dice setting and dice control for over 20 years, and provides many amazing insights on everything related to craps. Check it out!

Hawaii Craps Shooters

A very prolific and influential member of the Craps Vlogger community. Some of his videos cover various craps strategies, some are practice sessions, and some are live streams of actual craps sessions at real live craps tables. All are very entertaining!

Bone Thrower

One of the earliest craps vloggers, Bone Thrower made me think of craps in many different ways I'd never thought of before, both in setting the dice, and in betting strategies. It was Bone Thrower that made me seriously consider regression betting, for example. Very informative videos.

Dice Coach

One of the very earliest craps vloggers, Beau Parker, a.k.a. The Dice Coach, was putting out videos talking about how to pick a table, a good way to increase profits by alternately pressing Place bets that are hitting, and taking the winnings, along with many other topics. He has a great website with lots of videos and articles on craps that I think you'll like.

Golden Touch Craps

For me, this whole journey of mine, regarding setting the dice, began with Golden Touch Craps, and Dominic LoRiggio, a.k.a. the Dice Dominator. Yes, I'd dabbled with dice setting a few times prior, but when I saw the story on the Dice Dominator in early 2014, it was very inspiring, and it inspired me to be a lot more serious about dice setting. I talked to Dominic a few months later, when I was thinking about ordering one of the DVDs advertised on the website. He told me about the five-count, which at the time was the first time I'd ever heard of it. I very soon afterwards downloaded the video on the five-count. All the many contributions Golden Touch Craps has given to the Craps community cannot be measured, for I'm sure I'm not the only one that was inspired by Dominic's story, as well as the whole concept of dice setting, which Golden Touch Craps has taken to such high levels. The website has a wealth of information for anybody serious about setting dice and taking his/her craps playing to the next level.

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