Musical Dice -- My Glossary Of Craps Terms

     Every time I play craps at the casinos, there are special terms I tend to use. Today, I'm defining those terms.

52nd Street

          I say this sometimes when a 7 is rolled, particularly a five and a deuce. The term is a reference to my all-time favorite album, "52nd Street" by Billy Joel (the album that contains "My Life," "Big Shot," and "Honesty" among others).

Blackjack Fever or Blackjack Nina

          I say these terms whenever I make $21 off a roll of five ("Blackjack Fever!") or nine ("Blackjack Nina!"). Kind of a take-off of Ted Nugent's song "Cat Scratch Fever."

Box It Up!

          I say this when I have a bet on box cars, specifically (usually via a whirl bet or a horn bet), and the 12 craps roll hits.


          I say this when the amount of my payout on a given roll is at least $100, and I'd requested a black (hundred-dollar) chip.

Can You Say Yo Baby Yo Baby Yo!

          I say this when I have a bet on the yo (11) specifically, and it hits. First time I ever said that was on 3/29/2002 at the El Dorado casino in Reno. I had a $5 yo that hit, and this is what I'd said, and I've been using the term ever since then. Obviously taken off the tune "Dream Team Is In The House!" by the L.A. Dream Team.

Deuces Wild!

          I say this when I have a bet on Hard 4, and it hits. Of course, this term is borrowed from the Poker world.

Diagonal Pair's There!

          I say this when I have a bet on the Hard 6, and it hits. One of my original terms.

Easy-E Works For Me

          I say this when I have a Place bet on the 8, and 8 comes the easy way. One of my original terms (of course, thinking about Eric "Easy-E" Wright).

Easy Sex Is Still Good Sex

          This I say when I have a Place bet on 6, and that number is rolled the easy way.

February Five, February Six -- Ronald Reagan!, February Eight, or February Nine -- The Earthquake Roll!

          When I say February, followed by the actual roll of the dice, that means that I made $28 off the roll, matching the number of days in the month of February (with the exception of leap years). In the case of "February Six, Ronald Reagan," President Ronald Reagan's birthday was February 6th. "February Nine, The Earthquake Roll" refers to the big Sylmar California earthquake, which occurred on February 9th, 1971, which I was in, when I was five years old.

Five Weeks Of It

          Sometimes when I get a payout of $35 (usually coming from a Place bet on one of the inside numbers), I say this term. Usually, that's when I'd parlayed my Place bets up to five units, not when I start off at that level.

Got A Piece Of It (That)

          I say this either when an Ace-Deuce bet hits, or an Any Craps bet hits. I only bet that when I'm hedging my Pass Line bet with either a Whirl bet or a C & E bet. It's hard to get that excited over a 3-craps roll, even if I have a bet on it. I don't know why.

Hard Sex Is Good Sex

          I say this when I have a Place bet on the 6, and it is rolled the hard way. Note: I only say this when I do not have a bet on the Hard 6.

Shut The Front Door!

          This seems to be my most famous term. I say this whenever I have a Pass Line bet, and odds behind it, and the point is made. I have a certain waiter in Fort Smith Arkansas to thank for bringing the term to my attention. His name is Rossi, and he was on Temptation Island back in 2001, and he said those words when Kelley, the new coupled woman, arrived on the island, and Mark Walberg had just introduced her. Somehow, I thought of using the term in this context, and it stuck.

Slot Machine!

          I say this when someone rolls three straight seven-winners (7-7-7). Variations of this include "Four-Reeled Slot Machine!" for four straight seven-winnners, and "Five-Reeled Slot Machine!" for five seven-winners in a row. Does anybody know of a six or a seven-reeled slot machine? I once rolled SEVEN winner-sevens in a row!!!! (happened 6/7/2017 at the Golden Nugget casino in Lake Charles, LA)


          I would say this when I have a bet on Aces (2), usually as part of my Whirl bet, and the snake-eyes roll hits. This term I got from another shooter, who was at the same table at the Sahara casino on 8/24/2002. As he was lofting the dice, he kept saying "Come on, Snake!" And when it hit (which it did six times), he'd yell out "SNAAAKE!!" What can I say? The term stuck.


          I say this term whenever I have a bet on the hard 10, and it hits. NOTE: I'd actually gotten this term from poker pro, Paul Magriel (God rest his soul). I didn't know who he was at the time, when I met him at a craps table in the Peppermill casino in Reno, back in April of 2003. Paul was the shooter, and he had all this money on the Don't Pass, and all this money on the Hard 10. Every time he shot the dice, he would yell out "Snowflakes!" Although it was downright irritating at the time, somehow, the term stuck. It was a year and a half later, when I saw him on The Ultimate Poker Challenge that I knew who he really was.

Square Pair's There!

          I say this whenever I had a bet on the Hard 8, and it hits. I'd heard craps dealers refer to hard 8 as the Square Pair, so I just expanded on that.

Ten Weeks Of It

          This I say whenever I get a payout of $70 (usually on a Place bet of 5, 6, 8, or 9).


          I say this, whenever I have a Place bet on 10, and it hits, with the 10 being rolled the easy way.

Tension When I Mention!

          I say this, whenever I have a Place bet on 10, and it hits, with the 10 being rolled the hard way. Note: I only say this, when I don't have a bet on the hard 10. This term was taken from my days of playing dominoes.

The Force!

          I sometimes say this when I have a Place bet on 4, and the roll comes the hard way. Note: I wouldn't say this, if I had a bet on the Hard 4.

Thirty-One Flavors

          Rarely uttered by me, but when I do, I have a Place bet on the 4 and it hit the easy way.

Tim Tebow Roll

          I sometimes say this when a six is rolled, as an ace and a five (Tim Tebow's football number was 15).

We Love Our Greens!

          My wife usually says this term this exact way, when I get a payout of at least $25, receiving a green chip. I would say "Love my greens," sometimes adding the phrase "how'd you know?" or "My mama always said I don't eat enough vegetables."


          Not often said, but when it is said, it's after back-to-back yo's (11's) are rolled.