Musical Dice -- Betting On Other Shooters

Written April 24, 2024

     This particular article is aimed at those shooters who have more or less found what works for them, as a dice setter, but now have to deal with casinos who won't let them shoot, unless they bet on other shooters as well.

     This is the problem that I face, especially when I go to Lake Charles to play craps. I strongly suspect that this issue isn't unique to craps tables in Lake Charles, Louisiana. For those of you who are having this problem, and are now wondering how to bet on other shooters until it's your turn, this article is for you.

     Simply put, bet the minimum on other shooters, especially since most of them will be random shooters, and in the long run, you will lose against random shooters. Some casinos require that you place a line bet (either Pass or Don't Pass) on other shooters, in order for you to shoot the dice. Because the line bets have the lowest casino edge other than the Odds bets (1.41% for the Pass Line, and 1.40% for the Don't Pass Line), I'd recommend placing your minimum bets on either of those bets.

     If you find that your line bets are winning you money, only then would I recommend branching out to other bets, like the Place bets. At this point, you're playing with profits. But I wouldn't recommend putting a whole lot of money out there on a shooter that you're not familiar with, for you'll lose a lot more, should that seven-out come early.

     If your line bets are losing, you may choose to raise those bets to try to re-coup those losses. You may choose to ladder up those bets, as advocated by Waylon's Way Craps. For example, if your line bet is $10, and it loses, your next line bet would be $20, and if that loses, it goes up to $30, and so forth. If those bets start winning, you can ladder down a level, down to the minimum. Another method, advocated by me in an earlier article is the Fibonacci method, where you'd start with one unit, then go up to 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and so forth in the Fibonacci pattern. As with the ladder-up/ladder-down method, you go down levels as your bets hit. What's nice about this method, is the fact that no matter what level you're at, once you get two hits, you can go all the way back down to base level and have all your money back. Of course, this method also requires a bigger bankroll. The same can definitely be said about Martingale-like methods, where you'd double up your bets as you lose, then go down to base level when your bet wins.

     Alternatively, you may decide not to raise your bets up at all, no matter what happens. The main idea here, is not so much to profit on other shooters, but to minimize your losses, betting on other shooters. It is always the hope that when it becomes your turn to shoot, that your roll will make up for the losses you had while betting on other shooters. This methodology for betting on other shooters is a good way to minimize those losses, while ensuring that you will be able to shoot when the dice come your way.

     Good luck! ☺