Musical Dice -- The Field Constructor Strategy

Written December 23, 2023

     Every once in a while when I play craps, I place a bet in the field. The only times that I do that, generally speaking, is when I'm trying to construct new Place bets, or press existing Place bets on the cheap. It is within that vein that I thought of the Field Constructor strategy.

     So what is the Field Constructor strategy? Simply put, it is placing a single bet on the field, typically equivalent to what a Place bet on a 6 or an 8 would be, and if the Field bet hits, then you put those bets on the 6 and the 8. Nice thing is, you've placed two bets for the price of one. and if either bet hits, you're out of the hand, meaning that you've gotten your bets paid for, and you're ahead for the round.

     Also, if a 2 or a 12 hits while your bet is in the field, then you have an extra bet or two (depending on the payout) to play with. You may want to just place the two Place bets, take any extra money down, and be out of the hand right away. Or you may want to place a third Place bet with the extra winnings. It's totally up to you.

     Once you've gotten your bets paid for, you can expand to other numbers and/or press existing Place bets, as your bets continue to hit.

     Important point about this strategy: You only play the field until it hits. Moreover, I recommend only attempting up to two Field bets on each shooter. If both Field bets lose, then wait until the next shooter.

     Some may call this strategy the Ultimate Scared Craps strategy, but if you're looking for an easy inexpensive way to tip-toe into the game, where you won't be risking a lot on each shooter, this is a good strategy to try,

     As with any craps strategy, there is no guarantee with this strategy. Indeed, rolls of 5, 6, 7, or 8 will lose on the field, and there are more combinations of these four numbers (20) than there are, combinations of those numbers on the field (16). A low-budget craps player may find this strategy appealing. Try it out, and see how it works for you. Good luck! ☺