Musical Dice -- The Greenback Strategy

Written November 18, 2023

     Admittedly, this strategy is a second-derivative strategy. The original strategy is the Collect-The-Greens strategy from Crappy the Craps Man, where he places $30 each on the 6 and 8, and branches out to the 5 and 9 with the two red chips from the $35 payouts from hitting the 6 and the 8, collecting the green chips (I think Crapps actually starts off with $60 on 6 and 8, and reduces to $30 on each, when one hits at the initial level). Now the first derivative of this strategy, comes from Jeremy from Color Up. He advocates placing 10 on the 5 and 9, and only 18 each on the 6 and 8. Upon the first hit of 6 or 8, he'd power-press both up to $30, then the strategy is the same as Crappy's. Jeremy's idea is to have more numbers in play, investing slightly less money ($59 total investment, including the power-press, vs. $60 on Crappy's strategy).

     My strategy involves collecting green chips on all the inside numbers right away, and doing the same press strategy as what Crappy and Jeremy advocate. Under this strategy, after establishing a point, bets of $20 on the 5 and 9, and $30 on the 6 and 8. This way, you can start collecting green chips right away, and get your $100 (a greenback, hence the name of the strategy) investment back with 4 hits. With a hit of 6 or 8, the green chip is collected, and the residual $10 is used to press the 5 or the 9, which-ever one is adjacent to the number that hit. For a hit on the 5 or the 9 at the initial $20 level, that's a payout of $28, enough to collect another green chip. The extra $3 can be used for hardway bets, for example. As with Crappy's strategy, if hits on the 5 or 9 yield residual red chips, they are used to place/press the 4 and 10. And hits on the 4 or 10 would then be used to press the 6 or 8.

     Admittedly, one drawback to this strategy is the fact that it takes 4 hits on the inside numbers to break even. Plus, this requires a larger bankroll than Crappy or Jeremy's strategy. But not only can you play my stratgy on a $15 table (whereas, with Crappy or Jeremy's strategy, it can only be played on a $5 or a $10 table), on a long roll, this can make a lot of money quicker, collecting the greens, and pressing the numbers with the residual payouts.

     As with any craps strategy, this one is not guaranteed to work every time. But I think this is a fun strategy, and if you're using this on a good shooter, this will make you money. I therefore wouldn't recommend using this strategy on random shooters. This strategy is yet one more weapon to put in your arsenal of craps strategies. Good luck! ☺