Musical Dice -- The Knock-Down Strategy

Written September 24, 2023

     This strategy, like the Two-Hit Wonders strategy, I recently played at Lake Charles, with overall success.

     On the surface, this may seem like a strategy that you've seen in an earlier article of mine. But as you're about to find out, there is a major difference here.

     The basic strategy here is to start out with minimum bets on each of the inside Place Bet numbers (5, 6, 8, and 9), and basically double them up as they lose, and when they hit, take them back down to base level.

     Now, on the surface, this sounds like the 4 PM version of the PM Strategies, which is an earlier article of mine. But with this Knock-Down strategy, there is a major twist. The twist is, for the numbers that are already paid for, when the 7 comes, don't bet those numbers again, until the rest of the numbers are paid for. I know, sometimes your Place bets will look like Grandma's Teeth, with gaps in the middle, but this is part of the strategy. For example, when I was at the Horseshoe in Lake Charles, I had started out with 66 inside on a 15-dollar table. The 6 hit, getting that number paid for, but then the 7 came. When the next point was established, I placed 25 on both the 5 and the 9, and 30 on the 8, but nothing on the 6, as that was already paid for.

     In the event that a gap does appear in your Place bets, you may want to consider plugging it up after another number hits and gets psid for, and it hits again after that. Back to what happened at the Horseshoe, after I had raised my 5, 8, and 9 bets, the 8 hit, and I lowered it down to base level, which was $18. Then the 8 hit again, and I filled in the gap at 6 with 18 of the 21-dollar payout.

     Also, in the event of a number that is paid for, but keeps hitting, you may want to press it, and the first hit on that number at the new level, use the proceeds to branch out to the 4 and 10. Then all the numbers that are paid for are self-sufficient, and you can take and press them in the manner you're used to.

     Of course, there are various ways you can play this strategy. You can do it, betting only the 6 and 8 numbers, or you can bet all six numbers (although doing a Martingale on 4 and 10 is not recommended by me).

     Of course, this strategy has no guarantee attached to it either. And it can get really expensive, especially if the 7 keeps coming before your numbers are paid for. But this can be another powerful weapon to add to your craps arsenal. Good luck! ☺