Musical Dice -- The Martingale Overpass Strategy

Written November 19, 2022

     Note: the beginning of this strategy is like the Pass Line portion of Professor Andy Kaufman's Pass/Don't Pass strategy, where he starts with minimum bets on both the Pass and Don't Pass, and raises the bets up, doubling them, plus the minimum bet each time, then reducing them to minimum bets when they hit. Here, I'm only focusing on the Pass Line bet, but I have another part to this strategy.

     The Martingale Overpass strategy begins with a minimum bet on the Pass Line, nothing else. If it wins, keep it at the minimum level. If it loses, raise the bet to double, plus the minimum bet, and you keep doing that until you win, at which time, you reduce the bet back down to the minimum level. This way, when that happens, you win your bet times how many rounds you went through.

     For example, on a 5-dollar table, the betting would go from 5 to 15 to 35 to 75 to 155 to 315 to 635, and so on. On a 10-dollar table the progression would go 10-30-70-150-310-630, etc. On a 15-dollar table, the progression would go 15-45-105-225-465-945, etc. And on a 25-dollar table, the progression would go 25-75-175-375-775, etc.

     As you can see, this strategy, like any Martingale-style strategy, can quickly get very expernsive. You'll need a large bankroll for this strategy.

     So what's the other part of the Martingale Overpass strategy? Simply put, after you get ahead by a few bets, start making a few Place bets, making sure you stay ahead at all times. As these hit, you can press them, as you normally would.

     Yes, this strategy starts out very slow, but look at it this way: If you lose right away, you only lose your Pass Line bet, and nothing else. It's better than having a whole bunch of bets out at once, and all of them lose with an early seven-out. The only you really lose big, is if a long series of Pass Line losers (either seven-outs or come-out craps rolls) come, without any winners in between.

     Yes, the odds are against you, once the point is established (the odds of making the point averages out to about 40.6%), but there are also plenty of times that a seven or a yo will come on the come-out, and that will win, getting your money back with this strategy.

     This is definitely NOT a foolproof strategy. Indeed, as I said, a long series of Pass Line losers could wipe out your bankroll. Furthermore, I would recommend only doing this strategy on the lowest minimum bet craps tables you can find, just so you can give yourself the most amount of betting levels within your bankroll, and thus, more chances to get your money back, as you raise your bets with this strategy. But if you're able to get your money back, you can use the profits to go make more money on the Plce bets, which is what the second part of the Martingale Overpass strategy is all about. It's up to you. This is merely one more weapon I'm providing for you to put into your arsenal of craps strategies.

     Author's Note: I had initially thought of calling this strategy, Over-Martingale Pass, since the betting progression is a little over a Martingale progression, but I felt that such a title would sound more like a movie or a novel. So I re-phrased the title to make it sound a little more tangible. What do you think? Did I make the right choice for the name of this strategy? E-mail me at I'd love to hear from you. Good luck using this strategy! ☺