Musical Dice -- The Repeater's Regression II Strategy

Written September 7, 2022

     In developing the Repeater's Regression Strategy,it always kind of bothered me that the initial bets always come a roll late. So I thought of a corollary strategy, one that works like the Repeater's Regression Strategy, only that you have all the Place bets at 2X levels out initially. This strategy, I thus call the Repeater's Regression II Strategy.

     Like in the first Repeater's Regression Strategy, as each number gets hit, the bet for that number gets regressed down to base or 1X level, with each subsequent hit being pressed and/or taken in your usual way.

     In the first Repeater's Regression strategy, I suggested as an alternative, as each number is hit, try to regress down another number or two, so that you have as many bets as possible being paid for as soon as possible. For example, if you have a 6 and a 9 at 2X levels, and one of them hits, regress them both down to 1X levels, since the hit is enough to pay for both numbers. I would DEFINITELY recommend doing the same thing with the Repeater's Regression II strategy. The sooner all the Place bets get paid for with the hits, the better.

     Of course, this strategy can be a lot more costly, should the seven-out come before all the bets are paid for with the hits. The up-side to this variation of the strategy is that all rolls of the box numbers (except for those establishing points) will get paid, and you won't feel like you're late to the party, like you would at first with the other variation.

     As with the other variation of this strategy, I'd strongly recommend not using this on random rollers, but on shooters who appear to controlled shooters, for they are more likely to roll repeat numbers that are sure to be regressed and then pressed.

     As I've stated before, no strategy is guaranteed, and this certainly is no exception. I present the Repeaters Regression II Strategy as an alternative way to play the Repeater's Regression Strategy, and thus give you one more weapon in your arsenal of craps strategies. Good luck, and good rolling! ☺